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My rewritten textbook, Thinking Geometrically: A Survey of Geometries, is now available both as a hard copy and electronically from the Mathematical Association of America.  Here is a link: Thinking Geometrically.  The text is now suitable both for math majors and math education majors.  I have rewritten many of the old problems and added many new ones.  In addition, I have added two new chapters on differential geometry and discrete geometry.

Now that the new text is published, in agreement with the MAA, I have removed the old version The Geometric Viewpoint: A Survey of Geometries.  I hope that those who used the old text found it valuable and will find the new one even better. 

My new project is to write an abstract algebra text, tentatively titled Thinking Algebraically: An Introduction to Abstract Algebra.  I have a draft of the first semester of it and I have started writing the second semester material.  Click here for a provisional table of contents.

The link Summer Research will take you to the description of the Mathematics Department's summer program and an old application form. 

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     The link Foundations Text (below) has information on my textbook, The Foundations of Mathematics, published in March 2008 by Wiley.  My Research web page has descriptions of my research interests, of articles I have written, and of projects I hope to be doing with students.  You can see a version of my Curriculum vitae by clicking below.  There is also a link for information about careers in mathematics.  At the end of this page are links for some pictures. 

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You can find additional help in mathematics at the Mathematical Skills Center. 
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The first picture below shows me judging during the 2000 Donut Coloring Contest.  The middle one features some of the students in my 1999 geometry class and their finished tensegrity figure.  The picture on the right highlights Math Society students in 1985 making a small stellated rombicosidodecahedron out of straws and string.  A more recent stellated rombicosidodecahedron is hanging in the Student Lounge of the Engel Science building at SJU, along with the tensegrity figure.

                           Donut                            Tensegrity                        Stellation       

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