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Preliminary Checklist of Plants in Heritage Park, St. Cloud (MN)

    Heritage Park is a complex of ponds, woods and fields located in St. Cloud, MN (Stearns County).  This complex is also home to the Stearns Country History Museum and St. Cloud Nature Center.  This report documents some of the plants growing at the site.  Unless otherwise indicated, all are growing outside of cultivation.  The site was visited on many occasions during the past several years.  This list was generated on January 12, 2004.  Unless otherwise indicated, species were documented by sight ID only. 

Table 1:  Species observed at Heritage Park, St. Cloud, MN
Family Scientific Name Common Name Notes (cultivated, data type)  
Aceraceae Acer negundo Box elder    
Aceraceae Acer saccharum Sugar maple cultivated  
Aceraceae Acer saccharinum Silver maple    
Anacardiaceae Rhus glabra Smooth sumac    
Betulaceae Betula papyrifera Paper birch    
Betulaceae Ostrya virginiana Ironwood, Hop hornbeam    
Cupressaceae Thuja occidentalis Northern white cedar    
Cupressaceae Juniperus virginiana Eastern red cedar    
Hippocastanaceae Aesculus glabra Ohio buckeye cultivated  
Juglandaceae Juglans nigra Black walnut    
Pinaceae Piceae glauca White spruce    
Pinaceae Picea pungens Blue spruce    
Pinaceae Pinus strobus White pine    
Pinaceae Pinus sylvestris Scotch pine
Oleaceae Fraxinus americana American or White ash    
Oleaceae Fraxinum pensylvanica Green ash    
Oleaceae Syringa vulgaris Common lilac    
Rosaceae Prunus americana Wild plum    
Rosaceae Prunus maackii   cultivated  
Rhamnaceae Rhamnus cathartica European buckthorn    
Rhamnaceae Rhamnus frangula Glossy buckthorn    
Salicaceae Populus alba White poplar    
Salicaceae Populus deltoides cottonwood    
Salicaceae Populus nigra(?) Lombardy poplar    
Salicaceae Salix sp. willow    
Tiliaceae Tilia americana Basswood    
Ulmaceae Celtis occidentalis Hackberry    
Ulmaceae Ulmus pumila Siberian elm    

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