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Mustard Nomenclature

  1. The scientific name for a turnip is: _________________________
  2. Turnips belong in the genus: _________________________
  3. Turnips belong to the species: _________________________
  4. Turnips belong to the variety: _________________________
  5. The scientific name of a species may change if taxonomic research show that a particular name is incorrect. What is the former scientific name (synonym) for turnip? ___________________________
  6. This synonym is an example of a homotypic/heterotypic/tautonym. Explain how you know.
  7. Turnips belong to the family Cruciferae (or Brassicaceae). The common name for this family is:
  8. Name two plants that will produce viable seeds when crossed with turnips.
  9. Name two plants that are in the same genus as turnips, but are different species.
  10. For each of the following, put a line through the one that doesn't belong in the group. Explain the relationship between the others by giving a title to the group.
a.______________________ b._______________________ c._______________________
  • black mustard
  • Chinese cabbage
  • kohlrabi
  • radish
  • rutabaga
  • Brussels sprouts
  • kohlrabi
  • cauliflower
  • collards
  • turnips
  • Chinese kale
  • cauliflower
  • Canola (oil rape)
  • radish
  • sunflower
Table: Names of Agriculturally Important Brassicas and Radish (adapted from Wisconsin Fast Plants, Growing Instructions Manual, 1989. Carolina Biological Supply)  Note: the haploid chromosome number is a=10, b=8, c and r = 9.
Species (genome) Subspecies or variety Cultivar Group or Common name
Brassica nigra (bb = 16)   Black mustard
Brassica oleracea (cc = 18) botrytis Cauliflower
capitata Cabbage
gemmifera Brussels sprouts
gongylodes Kohlrabi
italica Broccoli
sabellica Collards
Brassica rapa (aa = 20; = B. campestris) chinensis Pak choi
pekinensis Chinese cabbage
rapifera turnip
nipposinica Mizuna
Brassica carinata (bbcc = 36) - Ethiopian Mustard
Brassica juncea (aabb = 36) capitata Head mustard
oleifera Indian mustard
rugosa Leaf mustard
Brassica napus (aacc = 38) - Fodder rape
oleifera Oil rape
rapifera Swede, Rutabaga
Raphanus sativus (rr = 18) radicola Radish, Dikon
oleifera Oil radish
caudatus Rattail radish


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