Planning your pre-genetic counseling curriculum

The following serves only as a guide for most genetic counseling program prerequisites; if you have concerns or questions, you may contact Dr. Reagan.

In principle one can choose from a variety of majors, such as Biology, Chemistry, psychology, social work, or nursing, and enter a genetic counseling program.  Whatever the major, you must be sure to complete the recommended coursework for genetic counseling programs.

The requirements for Genetic Counseling programs are not as standard as the requirements for medical or dental school, so students thinking of applying to these programs should investigate the requirements for schools to which they may likely apply.  Most genetic counseling programs require:

Other courses that may be required or recommended often include

In addition, most schools require the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) general test, and may require a subject test as well.  If you are planning on applying to genetic counseling programs as a senior, you'll want to take this in the summer or early fall.

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